Why You Need Cleaning Job Estimating Tools

Using estimating tools for your cleaning business provides numerous benefits that will simplify the management process, saving hours of your valuable time and putting money back into your pocket. With an innovative cleaning application, you can stay on top of all management duties with ease, from cleaning CRM to cleaning invoicing and more.


Considering the vast amount of innovative technology available to cleaning business managers today, there’s no reason why you should have to calculate quotes or send invoices the old-fashioned way. Computer-generated clean estimates are not only super-fast, but also reliable and accurate. Continue reading for more information on how an estimating tool will take your cleaning company to the next level.


Estimating Tools Improve Accuracy and Professionalism


There are many factors to consider when calculating cleaning estimates. If you’re making those calculations by hand, you may easily leave out an extra laundry charge or the cost of cleaning windows by accident. You’re only human, after all.

With an automated estimating tool, quotes will be calculated accurately, each and every time. The online calculator is consistent and precise    to bring greater professionalism to your business.


To use a cleaning application or janitorial management application for generating quotes, you’ll input information for individual jobs to ensure that each charge is fair. The calculator for a residential estimate differs for a commercial, or janitorial, estimate so you can calculate costs depending on the type of cleaning company you operate.


For all estimates, you’ll make changes in these sections to ensure accuracy for all quotes:


  • The square footage of the space to be cleaned
  • The frequency of the job, whether it’s a one-time clean, weekly, twice weekly, monthly, etc.
  • The type of clean, whether it’s move-in or move-out, spring cleaning, etc.


For a residential estimate, you’ll make selections in these categories to customize quotes:


  • Include additional bedrooms, den, basement, loft, etc.
  • Figure in cabinets or laundry charges
  • Add on additional time that hasn’t been previously accounted for
  • Include window cleaning by selecting standard panes, sliding glass panes, or French panes
  • Tack on costs for pets or extra-messy charges


For janitorial or commercial estimates, you’ll customize these other areas:


  • Input any offices, kitchens, lunch rooms, conference rooms, hallways, lobbies, or entrances
  • Account for window cleaning by inputting the number of average-sized panes and the number of large panes


Estimating Tools Calculate Quotes With Greater Speed and Efficiency



With a tool to estimate quotes for your cleaning business, you won’t have to waste time double-checking calculations. Consistency is key in order to gain your customers’ trust, and a calculator will make it much easier to adjust rates for additional charges such as window cleaning, pets, extra rooms, and more.


Select a due date for each cleaning job through the calculator. This will provide you with a base estimate that you’ll build from by inputting specific customer needs. A cleaning scheduling system will help you maintain an organized calendar and prevent overbooking.

estimating tools


An online cleaning application will also keep your quotes organized on a single platform. From there, you can contact customers and send out quotes with ease. Once you calculate an estimate with an automated calculator, choose to print the quote, email it, or assign it to a customer in your system. The calculator is user-friendly and will save hours of your time in the long run.


Estimating Tools Maximize Earnings


Estimating tools like Clean Calculator, along with a janitorial bidding tool and a house cleaning bidding tool, ensures that your quotes account for the time and effort spend on any given job. By including additional minutes spent, as well as add-ons such as windows or extra rooms, you’ll consistently charge an accurate rate for your services. Watch as this precision boosts your cleaning company’s revenue and leads to greater success down the line.


Satisfy Customers With Professional Quotes


Cleaning CRM will be easier than ever when you use an estimating tool. Without any extra effort, you’ll be sending out professional-looking quotes that are always accurately calculated. Once you use the tool to produce a quote, it will appear on the quotes page. From there, you can assign it to a customer in your company’s system with just a few clicks. Edit the quote, email it, or print it in seconds. The tool is created with your convenience in mind and automatically keeps data organized.

Estimating tools quotes

When it comes to charging your customers for cleaning services, you can’t risk calculation mistakes or inaccuracies. An estimating tool will minimize stress by making correct calculations in seconds. All you have to do in fill out the required fields such as cleaning type, square footage, job frequency, and more. You can also always make changes to calculator settings so that it adheres to the specifics of your business.


Quote calculations and cleaning invoicing don’t have to be time-consuming; you don’t need expensive software or technical expertise to make your quotes appear professional. With a great tool to generate clean estimates for your business, you’ll be able to streamline the process of managing your company and reduce calculation errors. At the end of the day, you’ll have more time to spare and your company’s revenue will be higher than ever–those are two benefits that any cleaning business owner can get on board with.

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