What You Should Consider Before Starting a Cleaning Business

Imagine being your own boss, setting your own rules, and making all of the major decisions that go into running a company. These are just a handful of the benefits that come along with starting a cleaning business. A great deal of hard work, time, responsibility, and preparation are required to make a new cleaning business endeavor successful, but for many individuals, the risk is well worth the reward.


There are several factors that go into the development of a profitable cleaning business. Initially, the needs of a brand new company may seem overwhelming, but with determination and organization, you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing your goals.


What to Consider When Starting a Cleaning Business:


What types of cleaning services will you be offering?


Cleaning services vary, so start off by offering what you can handle confidently, (you can always add services later on). Compared to a maid service, janitorial business will have higher labor costs and require more employees right off the bat. Cleaning business owners often choose to start off by offering maid services because employees aren’t absolutely necessary. You can begin by cleaning homes by yourself, then hiring staff when your client base increases.


How will you gather start-up funds for your business?


As with any business, funds will be required to starting a cleaning business. Equipment, cleaning products, and labor are a few of the main expenses you’ll face as a business owner. If you haven’t saved up personal resources to cover these costs, you can turn to small business loans or work on acquiring investors.


What will you charge for your services and how will you bill your clients?


Setting prices for your services and managing client billing can seem daunting when you are starting a cleaning business. Consider invoice and estimate software to streamline the billing process and keep client information organized right from the start. Prices should vary based on square footage, the number of rooms, windows, etc., but getting the software to do the calculations for you saves time and minimizes mistakes. Bidding and cost estimate software also makes it simple to keep prices consistent across all jobs.


How will you market your business and facilitate growth?


Marketing is important to spread the word about your business and score those first few clients. Especially when your janitorial business is just starting out, it’s crucial to make a great impression and build a reputation for professionalism. Word of mouth spreads quickly, so work on obtaining references and testimonials right from the start.


Developing a recognizable brand for your janitorial or home cleaning business will help you acquire customers over time. Start a website so that potential clients can easily find your contact information and learn more about the business.


When you’re starting a cleaning business, focus and organization are key. With thorough preparation and a clear idea of what services you can provide to consumers, you have a great shot at becoming a successful cleaning business owner.

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