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Are You Using SMS for Your Cleaning Business? Here’s Why You Should



As the owner of a cleaning business, you need to communicate with clients and employees quickly. Luckily, there is an easy solution that requires the recipient have nothing more complicated than a mobile phone. Short messaging services (SMS) allow you to stay connected through text messaging services that exist on the recipients’ mobile device. In fact, an effective SMS for your cleaning business can be a crucial asset to your cleaning company as you work to modernize your business. Here’s why:


SMS is convenient for customers, employees, and business owners alike


Although emails and phone calls certainly have a place in any cleaning company, using SMS for your cleaning business brings a new level of convenience to the table. Your employees and clients gain the convenience of instantaneous direct communication with you and each other. Whether you’re on your smartphone at the airport, checking your tablet in a coffee shop, or on your computer at the office, a messaging app will keep everyone involved with your cleaning company in the loop.


SMS apps maintain a reliable record of all communication


With a messaging app, each communication thread is archived and available for you to access easily. These records will come in useful for bookkeeping and for the general upkeep of your janitorial business.


Messaging Services Keep You Organized 


Using a messaging app, you can manage multiple areas of your business from a single application. For example, you can send customers regular appointment reminders or notify employees of changes or cancellations to appointments. Such instant communication increases customer satisfaction while helping you run your business more effectively.


Apps that incorporate SMS as a feature bring a new level of convenience to your service offerings and streamline managing your janitorial business. Consider a cleaning management system that includes SMS to easily incorporate this fantastic tool into your cleaning company’s operations.

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