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Professional Carpet Cleaning: What You Need to Know

As far as cleaning services go, professional carpet cleaning is one that people enlist infrequently. As a result, many people don’t fully understand this janitorial service and all that it involves.  This article will provide accurate answers to these common questions, providing an overview of the professional carpet cleaning process.

How often do carpets need professional cleaning?


Different people may recommend hiring professional carpet cleaning services more or less often than others. We recommend an annual carpet clean to maintain a clean, comfortable, and sanitary space. Also, regular carpet cleaning is a janitorial service that will extend the overall life of a carpet so that it can go for longer without needing replacement.


What types of professional carpet cleaning procedures are available?


There are a wide variety of approaches that professional carpet cleaning companies can take, and each process is quite different. Here are the main methods for this home cleaning process:

Hot water extraction


Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, requires a cleaning agent and agitation to lift dirt and stains. Professionals use a machine for the agitation step, which applies hot water at a high pressure to the carpet.  After this step, the professional rinses the carpet thoroughly and it is fully dry in a few hours.

Dry cleaning


As the name suggests, dry carpet cleaning needs no time to dry. It’s a relatively modern process that involves a dry cleaning compound which soaks up dirt but does not require rinsing.

Bonnet cleaning


Bonnet cleaning removes dirt, debris, and minor stains from the top layer of the carpet. It uses a machine with a quickly rotating head and detergent to clean at the surface level. While bonnet cleaning needs little time to dry, it doesn’t clean deeply and isn’t the best option for an annual carpet clean.



The encapsulation carpet cleaning process uses a cleaning compound that works like a sponge to encapsulate dirt in the carpet. Then you remove the dried compound with a vacuum or brush. While a convenient and innovative home cleaning method, encapsulation isn’t ideal when for deep carpet cleaning jobs.



Carpet shampooing is no longer a common professional carpet cleaning method. The extended drying period and the amount of chemicals left on the carpet makes this an unpopular method for carpet cleaning. While shampooing undoubtedly provides a deep carpet clean, it’s not the most effective or efficient carpet cleaning option.


What’s the typical price of a professional carpet cleaning service?


This question doesn’t have a black and white answer. Several factors affect the cost of this type of cleaning service, including:


  • The square footage of the space to be cleaned, or the number of rooms/areas.
  • Whether it’s a residential or commercial space.
  • Whether or not you require stain removal
  • The type of carpet to be cleaned.


Estimating software may be used by cleaning companies to calculate a consistent, accurate rate for different carpet cleaning jobs.


Professional carpet cleaning may seem like a complex process. But, with just a little information on how janitorial businesses effectively clean carpet, you’ll have a grasp on how this cleaning service works.

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