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Move-Out Cleaning for Your Apartment: What You Need to Know

With move-out day looming, you’ll need to do some move-out cleaning so your apartment is sparkling clean before it’s handed over to the landlord. To ensure that you get your safety deposit back, it’s important to do a thorough cleaning job. The apartment should look as it did when you moved in, whether you clean it yourself or hire a professional before your final out inspection.


Move-out cleaning for an apartment is more involved than your average weekly or monthly clean up. Spend time on areas that aren’t deep cleaned on a regular basis, such as carpets, appliances, and baseboards.


To secure a smooth move-out day and returned safety deposit, follow these final apartment cleaning tips:

Start the process with a walk-through to check for damages.


Begin by making any required repairs to your apartment. This may include repairing blinds or window glass, changing light bulbs, fixing holes in the walls, repainting walls, or replacing the carpet. Of course, if you recorded existing damage when you moved in, you don’t have to worry about repairing it yourself.

Write down a to-do list based on your apartment and your landlord’s expectations.


Different landlords may have different cleaning requirements for tenants who are moving out. If these specifications aren’t in your lease agreement, you will receive them when you turn in a notice to vacate. Based on this, as well as the size and setup of your particular apartment, write down a complete list of what needs to be cleaned.


Here are some important move-out cleaning tasks that you don’t want to forget:


  • Clean both the inside and outside of appliances, as well as underneath.
  • Mop and vacuum all floors.
  • Clean the windows and wipe down the windowsills.
  • Dust all surfaces and clean the baseboards.
  • Wipe down shelves, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Sweep the patio and other outdoor areas.
  • Scrub the bathtub, clean the interior and exterior of the toilet, and wipe down the shower walls.


Note that this isn’t a complete list and, as aforementioned, landlords have varying cleaning requirements. Consult your lease agreement or contact your landlord for additional cleaning tasks and duties that aren’t provided in this list.

Consider hiring a professional cleaning company.


If the clean-up is too much for you to handle or if you’re not confident in your ability to do a good job, you may want to hire a professional home cleaning service. Many cleaning companies have special deep cleaning move-out services. While hiring a professional will cost money upfront, it will virtually guarantee that you get your security deposit back.


If you choose to hire a home cleaning service, make sure to keep the electricity turned on until the cleaners are done and let them know whether or not the furniture will be moved out when they arrive.


Moving out of an apartment is stressful enough as it is. Plan ahead so that your apartment is completely clean when it comes time to hand over the keys.

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