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5 Tips on Marketing for Small Cleaning Businesses

Great marketing is the key to a prosperous small cleaning business. However, marketing for small cleaning businesses does not need to be difficult or complicated. Although generating widespread awareness of your janitorial services and reaching out to potential customers through marketing is undoubtedly important, many small businesses are unsure of how to do so efficiently. 

Developing an excellent marketing strategy for your cleaning business is certainly within reach–you just need a place to start. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 effective tips on how to market a small cleaning company. With an idea of what truly works in the industry today, you’ll be able to establish the right marketing approach for your cleaning small business.


Tip No. 1: Start a blog and fill it with interesting content.


Having a website for your cleaning company is essential in order to reach consumers today. But, have you also considered maintaining a blog for your janitorial business? Starting up a blog that relates to your cleaning services is a fantastic way to draw potential customers in–just make sure that you regularly post fresh, relevant, and engaging content.


Tip No. 2: Establish an active social media presence.


Social media is how many modern consumers learn about and interact with businesses. When used cleverly, social media can be a wonderful marketing tool for janitorial companies. Create accounts for your cleaning business on popular social media platforms, and make sure to keep the accounts active. When coupled with highly relevant professional posts, appealing imagery, and video you will keep your intended audience both informed and entertained. Don’t forget about social media that’s only accessible through mobile apps, as consumers are often browsing on the go. (As a side note, making your website mobile-friendly, or even developing a cleaning company app, is a major plus).


Tip No. 3: Create engaging videos to enhance your website.


Diversifying your online marketing content by creating fun and informative videos will make your cleaning business website and social media accounts more captivating for consumers. Additionally, videos enable you to tell people about your janitorial business in a way that’s different and interesting.


Tip No. 4: Consider email marketing tactics and a regular newsletter.


Additionally, you should consider using email to market your cleaning services. Email is a strategy that’s been proven effective for businesses time and time again. Think about developing a newsletter. Sent out to subscribers on a regular basis, you will keep people updated on your cleaning company’s latest service offerings, events, news, and more. You can also use the newsletter to generate traffic for new blog posts.


Tip No. 5: Keep in touch with past customers to encourage positive word of mouth.


Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing strategy.  While difficult to fully control, it is one of the best ways to bring in lasting customers. Give your customers every reason to recommend your cleaning services to friends and family. Think about offering a discount to returning customers. Consider janitorial management software to organize your past and present clients to make it easier to reach out to former customers.


It’s no secret that fantastic marketing can be the difference between a highly successful cleaning company and one that struggles to grow. With these few simple tricks, you can improve your business today and set it up for success for years to come.

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