Cleaning Articles Round-Up 7/17/2018

Cleaning Articles Round-Up 7/17/2018

Here are some of our favorite cleaning articles from July so far


From: Tips to Defend Cleaning Costs, CleanLink

A reader writes: “I just started with a company that has an older contract that has been renewed several times. The new manager of the account wants justification for the current charges. Any help would be appreciated.”…Read More


The tips in this and similar cleaning articles are definitely helpful, but this process could be streamlined by using an estimation tool that incorporates the variables of cleaning costs. Cleaning business owners are always on the go, so they need the ability to consistently provide accurate estimates and invoices for clients from any device.

From: Strategies for Launching a Cleaning Business, CleanLink

We often get asked for tips on how to start a cleaning business when also working a day job.
Granted, it is a challenge. However, there are ways to start your commercial business part-time. Smaller accounts are normally cleaned once a week, usually on the weekend. They may only bring in $300 to $400 a month, but several of them can add up. Pursuing small accounts in your local area is a good place to start… Read More

Another good tip is to invest in cleaning management software from the beginning. Many cleaning articles promote tips just like this regarding the logistics and tools needed to run a cleaning business but often neglect the tools that would make things simpler for a business owner. Although it may seem like spending the money on a software platform is a waste before you have many clients, it is actually a smart business move because you start out on the right foot from the beginning. With the right tools, you can keep your clients, contracts, estimates, invoices, and employees organized so you can spend your time growing your business.

From: Cleaning Accreditation Boosts Growth, CleanLink

In order to legally practice, a lawyer must pass the bar exam and complete a set number of continuing legal education units to maintain good standing with the American Bar Association. Earned by attending in-person or online educational events, this ongoing training helps lawyers stay up-to-date on current best practices… Read More

It is important to obtain professional certifications and accreditations for your industry so you remain competitive and relevant to the market. The cleaning industry is no different in that regard. Such professional development builds trust in your buyers, so do yourself and your cleaning business a favor by earning your cleaning accreditation.

From: Necessities for Stripping VCT Floors, CleanLink

The question was asked about determining the proper floor care crew size and proper machines for a stripping VCT. The lowest labor cost comes from the highest production rate… Read More

From: My Vacuum Doesn’t Suck! Super Gleam Cleaning Services

Even if you have signed up with Super Gleam for our bi-weekly home cleaning service, you may find yourself in need for between cleaning touch-ups. Maybe your darling child completely missed the bowl with his Frosted Flakes then crushed them into the carpet in his attempts to ‘help’ clean up. That mess isn’t going to wait until your Tuesday cleaning service – it needs to go NOW. So, you pull out your vacuum only to realize it’s not quite sucking like it used to and is leaving quite the literal crumb trail… Read More

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