How to Start a Cleaning Business Before 2020 Ends

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How to Start a Cleaning Business Before 2020 Ends

There aren’t that many businesses that have low overhead, reliable demand, and agreeable operating costs. A cleaning service is one of the few that checks off each item on this list. You can start this business with little capital and still experience gradual gains.

A cleaning business doesn’t require training or certifications.  You don’t need specialized tools or equipment to carry out the services. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Much like any business, a cleaning service needs ample preparation before launching to avoid mistakes that will cost you money or your reputation.

Learn what you need to know and do before starting your cleaning business. The following steps will help you create a business plan. 

Step 1: Choose your market

 Cleaning businesses cater to either the residential or commercial markets or both. Both have specific requirements that might be different, such as the cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and legal documents. Additionally, there is the matter of workforce and operating hours.

Residential Cleaning Business

  • Carried out during the day
  • More detail-oriented
  • Slower cleaning process
  • Less competition

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Carried out during the night (after business hours)
  • Less detail-oriented but larger in scale
  • Faster cleaning process
  • More competition

By deciding which market you want to service, you can create a more detailed business plan. It will also help you determine how much capital you need to raise and how much you should expect to spend.

Step 2: Register your business

The legal requirements for cleaning businesses are specific to their location and the market they serve. As the sole proprietor, you have to familiarize yourself with these.  You need to register for the necessary licenses and permits. Doing this protects your business from legal repercussions in the future.

Step 3: Plan your budget

Once you’ve determined your capital, it’s time to plan for your day-to-day expenses. Most cleaning businesses have three major expenses, namely, cleaning supplies, transportation, and manpower.

  • The amount of supplies you need is based on the services you offer and how many clients you meet in a given period.
  • The transportation you choose for your business should be able to accommodate your supplies and equipment. Make sure you have a backup plan to avoid canceling on clients if you encounter any problems.
  • If you plan on hiring people to carry out your services, you will need to pay them a competitive wage.

In addition to these, consider investing in technology that can help you run the business. Clean Calculator is an innovative tool that creates job estimates, tracks payments, schedules cleaning jobs, and improves customer experience.

The recent pandemic has put a premium on hygiene and cleanliness. Starting your business now gives you access to a market that is actively looking for cleaning services. Make sure you can reach them by working with the professionals.

We understand the importance of good management, especially in a highly competitive industry. Our Clean Calculator software is designed to help you run your business with ease. Find out more about it when you get in touch with us.

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