How to Handle a Negative Review About Your Cleaning Business Online

how handle a negative review online promptly and professionally

How to Handle a Negative Review About Your Cleaning Business Online

As the owner of a cleaning business, word of mouth is one key part of your marketing strategy that you cannot afford to ignore. You want your customers to recommend you to their friends and family, their neighbors, their dog walker, even to the cashier at the grocery store as they check out. Unfortunately, not every customer is going to be happy with your services and when they are not satisfied, they want everyone to know about it.

Before the rise of social media and business review sites, dealing with negative feedback from a customer was simpler. It was a one-on-one affair – the customer brought their complaint to you directly and you could turn the negative experience into a positive outcome with a conversation. Now, a dissatisified customer will take to social media and the plethora of available review sites to air their greivance to the world. When you consider that as much as 88% of people now say reviews on a product or service influence their purchasing decision, it becomes vitally important to learn how to handle a negative review online.

Dig in to the Why

Customers leave reviews to express their opinion on the service they received. If they are disatisfied with the service, they may not be polite or gentle in expressing their displeasure and you may not agree with what they say. Keep in mind that they are not out to purposely harm your business. They simply want their complaint addressed in a professional manner. Take the review seriously, get all the details from both sides and identify the problem and the cause. Take the appropriate steps internally to prevent reccurence.

Handle a Negative Review Promptly

Prompt responses tells customers you care about providing quality service and demonstrates their opinion has value. Address the grievance with a customized response and avoid generic, canned responses. The key here is to show that someone is paying attention, someone cares enough to take their problem seriously. Respond professionally – again, this is not a personal attack but rather an opportunity to identify any underlying issues that need correcting.

Respond with Empathy

How you deal with a negative review could cost you your business, so it is very important that your response is timely and empathizes with the customer. Even if a customer is wrong, apologize for their experience of the issue in the same forum they posted the review. This shows others that you’ve seen the review and are working to resolve it offline.

Do What You Can to Rectify the Problem

As much as we may hate to hear bad news, a negative review is actually a good thing for your business, if you handle a negative review correctly. You have the opportunity to identify issues and improve your business, as well as build your reputation deal with the negative review.

In some cases, a refund, coupon, or offer of a free reclean can be a good way to resolve the issue, but use this with caution as it could lead to trouble if it is your go-to response. Encourage the client to revise their review.

Don’t Hide if From Your Employees

A negative review is as much a moment for learning for your employees as they are for you. Share the negative feedback and the positive to motivate your employees to improve. Use this opportunity to identify issues that can be corrected and areas of improvement to strengthen your company and help make sure you show your company as a customer centric operation to both employees and customers.

How you choose to handle a negative review is ultimately your decision, but keep in mind that responding unprofessionally, even when the customer is wrong, can really hurt your business. Tread carefully, respectfully, and professionally whenever you deal with a review but resist the urge to flood the website with fake positive reviews. An unnatural and spammy look to your reviews can be worse for your business than a negative review.

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