Establishing a Hiring Process for Your Cleaning Company

To build a thriving cleaning company, you need excellent employees. You need employees you can trust to exceed client expectations. Unfortunately, these employees won’t just come to you; you need to reach out and find them through an effective hiring process.


Here are 6 helpful tips to guide you through the hiring process


Before you put out a listing, decide what type of workers you need


To find the employees that are right for your janitorial business, you first need to determine exactly what you’re looking for. Do you value experience above all else, or are you willing to hire a less qualified individual with a fantastic work ethic? Are you hiring for a full-time or part-time position? Budget is also an important factor in the hiring process–a seasoned worker will require a higher salary than a younger, less experienced employee.

Post available positions on job listing websites


Oftentimes, simple is best, and this is frequently the case for hiring in the cleaning industry. There are numerous online hiring platforms that attract all types of available workers. Using these sites is a convenient way to connect with potential employees.


Closely look over each resume that you receive


Years of experience and good references are the two main factors to look for in the resumes of potential employees. If these qualifications are met, then you can move forward with the interview process. The interview portion confirms the qualifications and gives you a first look at the applicant’s ability to fit in with your company culture, so don’t ignore cues that say the person is not a fit.


Find people that you’re compatible with.hiring process for janitors


Qualifications and experience are important but the goal is to find professional employees you can trust. Compatibility between workers is crucial to developing a positive working environment, so keep it in mind during interviews.


Determine how you will test potential employees to ensure a good fit.


Once you have a group of candidates, you’ll need to move forward with the interview & hiring process. If you’re hiring workers to do the physical cleaning, consider having applicants complete a paid trial clean before making the hire. This way, you’ll be assured that the employee’s cleaning abilities are up to your standards before making a commitment.


As the number of employees working for your cleaning business expands, consider using software to store and manage worker information


You can more easily keep track of employee information and stay organized by using cleaning company software. Using software will save you time in the long run by keeping data secure and easily accessible on one platform.


Cleaning requires hard physical work and a commitment to clients’ needs. By conducting your hiring process thoughtfully and efficiently, you will build an employee base that is committed to the success of your cleaning business.

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