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Grow Your Cleaning Business with These 10 Tips

No matter what size your cleaning business is, you definitely want to grow your cleaning business into something bigger. Growing your cleaning business will take a lot of work, but you can use these 10 ideas to reach your goal as quickly as possible and dramatically grow your business.


Grow Your Business by Finding an Interesting Niche


The cleaning industry has a lot of niches. Find one that matches your interests and skills so you can stand out from other cleaning services. For instance, you may want to market yourself as an eco-conscious company that uses organic cleaning products. Or, you may want to emphasize your willingness to provide extra services like walking pets and running errands…


Always pursue new leads


You need new customers to grow your business, so you always have to pursue new leads. Some useful ways to generate new leads include:

Using social media to connect with potential clients

Collecting contact information from forms on your website

Cold calling businesses in your area


Reward word-of-mouth referrals


Word-of-mouth marketing works because people trust the opinions of their friends, family and colleagues.

Reward your clients when they refer your cleaning service to someone. You can give them a discount or upgrade to show your appreciation. Even a small reward will encourage people to talk about, and promote, your business.


Keep your clients happy


You work hard to attract new clients. A little extra work to keep them happy is a great investment… so you won’t lose them to competitors. A few good ways to do this include:

  • Checking in with them regularly to make sure they’re satisfied with your services
  • Sending them updates about promotions
  • Offering coupons or discounts for loyalty
  • Sending them birthday wishes


Fire customers that hurt your business


As you gain new clients, you may find that some of your old ones don’t fit into your growth plan. Perhaps they pay lower rates that you charged when you first started your business, or they want you to provide services that you don’t want to offer anymore. When you find that you don’t want a customer anymore, cut ties so you can focus on new clients that will move your business forward.


Perform background checks on potential employees


You only want honest, trustworthy employees on your staff. Perform background checks on applicants to filter out people who have criminal records.

Keep in mind that you have to follow federal laws when hiring employees. Regardless, background checks will help you avoid hires who might steal from your clients’ homes and ruin your reputation.


Train your employees well


As your business grows, you will have to trust your employees to do their jobs without much supervision (or any supervision at all). If you give them the right training, then they will be armed with the skills to clean homes, offices and others areas as well as you can. Spend time teaching employees any cleaning secrets that you use to keep clients happy. They will appreciate the knowledge gained and this appreciation will reflect in their work and dedication to your business.


Take care of your employees


It takes resources to find and train employees. Once you have a group of reliable people on your staff, treat them well so they don’t abandon you to work for a competitor. Depending on your budget, you may want to take care of your employees by:

  • Offering them better benefits
  • Giving them annual raises
  • Rewarding them for doing their jobs well


Optimize your website


Using some basic search engine optimization (SEO) skills will help your business get better search engine rankings. Some of the most important strategies rely on:

  • Meta descriptions and title tags
  • Local keywords
  • Incoming links
  • Internal links
  • Evergreen content


Update Your Business Plan as You Grow Your Business


As your cleaning company grows, you will need to update your business plan to keep it accurate and realistic. Ideally, you should review your business plan once a month to make adjustments as needed. An annual update can address bigger topics like entering new markets and adopting new business trends.

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