How to Grow Your Cleaning Business During COVID-19

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How to Grow Your Cleaning Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 has provided cleaning businesses across the country with the unique opportunity for growth, especially as restrictions are relaxed throughout the United States. Businesses, private citizens and public officials alike will need a reliable resource for cleaning and sanitizion as the pandemic rages on. Here are some tips on how you can capitizalize on this trend and grow your cleaning business during COVID-19.

1) Send Out Postcards

Physical flyers and postcards are quite useful tools to promote your business. Distributing promotional material through regular postal mail allows you to target by socioeconomic factors like income, voter registrationg, and age to name a few. Use this type of marketing to highlight specials, as well as specifics for how your business can help promote improved sanitary standards for homes and offices during the pandemic.

2) Find Customers in Online Communities

Most adults get their information online and many people are looking for ways to stay healthy during the pandemic. You can capitalize on this by posting content in online networking forums that provides valuable information on how to stay safe and healthy, how to reduce the risk of becoming sick, and how sanitize an area after someone has come down with the virus. Provide realistic solutions to the problem and highlight how a clean and sanitary environment promotes good health and wellness.

3) Post Helpful Blogs and Articles

Compose a blog with point by point data and visuals about how individuals can avoid illness by having a spotless family and workplace. Hot topics for COVID-19 can range from proper handwashing techniques to the proper disinfectant to use based on the type of surface being cleaned.

Make your content as point by point and one of a kind as possible, as many people are covering these highly relevant topics. Make sure to reference the CDC in your articles and include verifiable information from offical sites as often as possible.

4) Coupon Flyers

Like the post office based mail you can send to individuals’ homes, you can put them up at neighborhood markets and different areas that haven’t yet been shut because of the pandemic.

5) Host a Webinar

Host an online course to help show individuals how to remain safe. People can get to the online class from the security of their own home. Make certain to recommend your services all through the online class. Offer a Q&A meeting following the online course to respond to any inquiries that may emerge from the online class.

6) Post a Sign

Pick a high traffic area and set up a sign displaying your services and how the cleaning services you offer can help them remain safe and healthy during the pandemic.

7) Google Ads

Capture clients when they’re searching for cleaning services like yours on Google Search and Maps. Google ads can be a great way to get new customers and you only pay for results such as clicks, calls and enquiries.

8) Advertise on Your Vehicle

Your organization vehicles likely have a vehicle magnet on them. It may be an ideal opportunity to refresh the magnet to incorporate the pandemic. At the point when individuals see your vehicle with your cleaning services and pair it with staying healthy, you will get more clients. On the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle magnet, many printing services offer custom magnet printing so you can create one!

9) Email Marketing

You have likely built up an email list throughout the years. Utilize this to contact your clients. Indeed, stress exactly how your administrations can help prevent somebody from becoming ill and conceivably passing it on to loved ones. Email advertising is an incredible opportunity for you to get the message out about keeping your clients aware of everything and gain proficiency with the accepted procedures during the COVID-19.

The above techniques can assist you with spreading mindfulness about your cleaning business and administration. Make sure to play it safe for your workers and your clients.

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