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The Essential Qualities that Make a Great Janitor

Possibly the most important aspect of a thriving cleaning company is the cleaners themselves. But, it takes more than people may realize to be a fantastic janitor. Although the physical strength to clean all day is essential, a great janitor must also be socially adept enough to handle clients.

If you manage a janitorial business, excellent cleaners are an asset that will bring you continued success. Look for these qualities as you review potential employees:

Qualities To Look For When Hiring a Janitor

● People skills

The success of a cleaning company depends on the cleaner’s ability to fully meet, (and hopefully exceed), clients’ expectations. Part of doing so involves professional and courteous behavior, as well communicating clearly with others. Clients shouldn’t feel uneasy about the person cleaning their home. Great people skills will help instill confidence and trust between your new hire and clients.

● Conscientiousness

When people hire a janitorial service, they expect a cleaning job that is far more thorough than what they could achieve themselves. To deliver exceptional results, every time, cleaners must pay careful attention to details and be committed to getting the job done right, even when fatigue sets in. An overlooked stain or a surface-level clean could make the difference between a client rehiring your services or looking elsewhere.

● Consideration and tact

As a cleaner, you’re entering a person’s home and often have a full view of their personal life. To make clients feel comfortable with a stranger in their home, cleaners must be sensitive to privacy and respectful of property. Therefore, it’s vital that your cleaners recognize their responsibility and treat the client’s home with the utmost care.

● Time-efficiency

Cleaners need to be quick and efficient to make a profit for your janitorial business. Although work quality can’t be sacrificed for speed, clients expect cleaners to complete the job quickly. Speed will improve over time as a janitor completes more cleaning jobs and discovers more efficient methods.

Not just anyone can be an excellent janitor–it takes hard work to become a janitor that clients will trust to do an outstanding job. With janitors that exhibit the skills and qualities listed above, your cleaning company will have the means to flourish.

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