dismiss an employee from your cleaning company

How To Dismiss an Employee from Your Cleaning Business

In a perfect world, your company will consist entirely of great people who fulfill your cleaning company vision and you would never need to dismiss an employee. But, in reality, there will always be an employee that doesn’t meet your standard or creates a liability for your janitorial business. When that time comes, you’ll face the unpleasant task of tactfully dismissing a worker from their position at your home cleaning company.


Reasons to Dismiss an Employee


Keep in mind when you dismiss an employee that firing employees without reasonable cause may get you into legal trouble. Take these steps before dismissal to ensure you won’t get caught up in a lawsuit:


  • Ensure that every employee understands what is expected of them before they start working.
  • Be upfront about poor performance right when it happens to provide the employee an opportunity to improve.
  • When the employee is making mistakes or their work is just not up to par, you need to document mistakes. This documentation is proof of reasonable cause if dismissal occurs.


Extreme Cases


There are some special situations that justify immediate dismissal. These include:


  • Unarguable and Repeated Breaches of Company Guidelines


If an employee is absent without notice, completes jobs extremely poorly, or otherwise breaks important company regulations, it’s time to let them go.


  • Theft


Whether an employee steals from a client or from the company, theft is grounds to fire an employee right away.


  • Harassment or Other Unacceptable Behavior


If an employee makes another worker or a client feel uncomfortable or threatened, dismissal is the appropriate response.


The Dismissal Process


No manager of a janitorial company enjoys the process of firing an employee. In fact, most company managers dread the task, which can lead to rushed conversations, misunderstandings, and negative feelings within the company. But, you can thoughtfully and respectfully approach the process of dismissing a worker from your maid service with the help of these tips:


  • Be firm, considerate, and clear about the reason for their dismissal without making it personal.
  • Professionalism is key. No matter how the employee reacts, maintain a calm composure and set an example for everyone in your company. Be prepared to answer questions about the dismissal process. Have another senior member of the company or HR representative attend the meeting if you feel unsure.
  • Understand that the dismissal will affect not just you and the employee in question, but everyone in the company. Prevent negativity or anxiety from seeping into the company culture by having a frank discussion with everyone about the situation, without infringing upon the former employee’s privacy. Your workers should walk away feeling secure in their own position while having an understanding of what happened that led to the dismissal.


Dismissing an employee from your cleaning company is a task that, hopefully, you’ll rarely need to confront. Nonetheless, knowing how to professionally handle an unsatisfactory employee is a valuable skill that will benefit your janitorial business.

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