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Custom Website or Template Website – Which is Best for Your Cleaning Business?

An eye-catching, organized, and informative website is a must-have for successful cleaning companies. First, you’ll need to choose whether you want a custom website or would rather take a template approach. Although either strategy is effective, you need to understand how they differ to get the best results for your business.


With this guide, you can make an informed decision on the type of website that is best for your business.


Template Website:


Creating your website from a template means that you’ll have a starting point from which you can add information, content, photos, videos, etc. You can adapt aspects of the template, such as color scheme, font, and general layout so that the website reflects your cleaning business.

Template website

Using a template website will save you time and money. Templates give you a base to start with so you can easily modify the site to suit your business. You can have a well-designed website up and running very quickly, which is a benefit for busy cleaning business owners.


You don’t need to be an expert in website design if you use a template. Compared to the price of hiring a website design professional, templates are very affordable. Plus, you’ll know your site operates properly and looks professional, right from the start.


It’s true that by building a website from a template, you’re risking another company having the same design. But, with today’s highly advanced technology, you’ll be able to alter aspects of a template to make it work for you. After adding your logo, tweaking the color scheme, and adding other personal touches, the site will represent your cleaning business.


Custom Website:


The process of creating a custom website is more involved than if you start with a template. You will need to hire a professional if you are not experienced in website development. This is because the entire website, from the domain to the coding to the theme and more, must be developed from the ground up. The cost of hiring a website designer to create a custom site is higher than that of a template. Additionally, a custom site will take longer to set up.


The benefit of a custom website is that it allows you to make each part of the site wholly individual to your cleaning business. When you’re not working within the confines of a template, you can adjust everything to fit your needs. Unfortunately, this process is more expensive and involved than using a plug-and-play template.


Website templates are affordable and time-saving, while custom websites offer complete design freedom. No matter what option you choose as a janitorial business owner.

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