Cleaning Industry Latest Trends

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Cleaning Industry Latest Trends

In the cleaning industry, we can see more than a dozen things that require regular cleaning like windows, desks, carpets, garbage compartments. 

We see a kitchenette with a tile flooring, equipment and dishes. 

We examine a lounge and see a complex room with upholstered furniture, lamps, hardwood floors, decorative carpets, window hangings and more. 

A strong cleaning service takes in all the parts that make up the whole picture, every detail that needs a specific type of attention to clean properly. 

Cleaning services including maid and janitorial companies are in a bidding war to get the best opportunities available. These opportunities include cleaning offices, homes, stores, medical facilities, schools, warehouses and more.

General cleaning services, and especially residential services, are fantastic for freeing up your time to focus on more important activities.  The cleaning service industry includes residential cleaning, commercial services, special cleaning and laundry / dry cleaning services.

The cleaning industry is vulnerable to the economic downturn. During the most recent recession,  revenue in the cleaning industry declined by 5.3% in 2008 and 6.1% in 2009. 

Since the recession,  the cleaning industry recovered much of the economic power it enjoyed pre-recession.In 2015, it generated $ 51 billion in revenues. This recent growth can be attributed to both unemployment and office vacancy rates .

In other words – people have more money to spend on cleaning services. This means more business for the cleaning industry and more competition for the best contracts.

Clean Calculator is one tool that any type of cleaning company should have in their arsenal. It simplifies bidding and back of office tasks from a single application.  

Opportunities in the Cleaning Industry

The best franchise opportunity is likely to be in specialty cleaning services. Specialty cleaning service franchises have more opportunity to separate themselves and are less likely to face local competition. 

They can position themselves better in the market and use the parent company’s reputation to boost deals. 

Residential Cleaning

The demand for home and apartment-cleaning services is more than the average property, which is looking for a little more free time – especially in the two income households. 

Market research shows that the ideal goal for the clients are married couples, 45 years of age or older.

Commercial Cleaning

If the vacancy rate of the office is declining and non-construction activities are on the rise, then the commercial cleaning industry is growing rapidly. 

Approximately 31% of the revenue for cleaning companies comes from office cleaning.Most of these businesses work in the second or third innings when the office is vacant.

Specialty Cleaning

These types of companies focus on specific types of cleaning – windows, floors, rugs, industrial and more.

 Specialty cleaning companies are slightly more recession proof if they perform well because the business is highly specialized. 

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Self-service facilities, laundry-and-wide service and dry cleaning business are usually family-owned and operated.  In 2015 an estimated 3.5 million people worked in the cleaning industry. 

In recent years, dry cleaning businesse have lost business not to competitors but because clothing has become easier to care for at home. 

Some dry cleaning businesses now offer some new models and  green cleaning alternatives that show promising growth for the industry.

Trends Impacting The Future

Customer research

Most customers today do research on any company they are considering hiring for cleaning services. Customers examine the reviews of the company, positive and negative, and how the company responds to those reviews to understand who they will be working with.

Staying at the top of your reviews creates a community of customers who feel that their recommendations and comments areheard by the masses.


With the ease to access to the affordable technology has affected substantially how cleaning companies manage their business activities and how they communicate with their customers. 

So how can the cleaning company like you take advantage of the customers who learn towards technical savvy solutions? Start by establishing your online presence and make sure you have a website.

With the online revolution apps and websites are now becoming the first point of interaction for companies with their customers and even employees. 

Your customers are looking to book appointments online and even you can manage online quotes with apps like Clean Calculator. Here you’ll find almost all the features and support you require to connect with your target audience at a very nominal cost .

Marketing channels

Cleaning companies have access to many online digital marketing channels, such as social media, a company blog and online advertising campaigns.

Social media allows business owners to engage with customers in real time, reflects their company’s personality and connects with other businesses. A company blog shares ideas to business, proves the right to a particular subject.

If you want to take your cleaning  business to the next level, investing in these easy-to-use marketing strategies will keep your cleaning company ahead of competition.

New cleaning products

Technology is building new cleaning products which are demanding consumer and the cleaning industry can use these cleaning products. Apart from this, consumers are more interested in environmental friendly products.

These are some of the techniques that affect the direction of the cleaning industry in the coming years:

  • The use of automatic metering of microprocessors, sensors and detergents will increase. This will reduce the amount of energy and water and will be necessary for cleaning.
  • The requirement of packaging will be reduced as the concentration of cleaning preparations continues to increase.
  • The need to washing with the use of fabric surface treatment will be reduced.


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