cleaning and sanitizing restrooms

Cleaning & Disinfecting Restrooms Checklist

As the owner of a Janitorial Company, cleaning and disinfecting restrooms properly is vital to the success of your operation. Like it or not, your work will be judged based on the cleanliness and appearance of the customer’s restrooms. Therefore, it is important to specify exactly what is necessary to consider a restroom properly cleaned.

Following consistent restroom cleaning procedures for this important task consequently results in a clearly defined set of guidelines for your team. Furthermore, it makes cleaning staff more efficient, sets clear expectations, saves time and prevents possible cross-contamination.

Here is Our Checklist for Cleaning & Disinfecting Restrooms

Sinks, Toilets & Fixtures

1. Soap dispensers are clean and filled with the appropriate liquid handsoap.
2. All fixtures are free of soil, fingerprints, marks, oils, and other residues.
3. Toilets and toilet seats are clean, dry, and also free of all soils, spots, stains, and other residues.
4. Urinals and urinal screens are clean, dry, and free of all soils, splatters, stains, and other
5. Sinks are clean, dry, and free of water spots, soils, soap deposits, and other residues.

Floors & Vents

6. Floor-drain covers are clean and thus free of soils, lint, mop strings, dirt, and other residues.
7. Restroom-floor surfaces are clean, dry, slip resistant, and are also free of soils, dirt, buildups, gum,
mildew, mold, and other residues.
8. Vents are clean and free of lint and other residues.

Mirrors, Doors, Walls, Lights, and Air

9. Mirrors and metal fixtures are clean and free of smudges, fingermarks, water spots, streaks, and
other residues.
10. Restroom air is fresh and free of unpleasant odors.
11. Partitions, doors, doorknobs, walls, and ceilings are clean and free of soils, smudges,
fingermarks, splatters, water spots, graffiti, and other residues.
12. Horizontal surfaces including countertops and ledges are clean and free of soils and dirt deposits.
13. Lights are operating and light fixtures are clean and free of all soils and residues.

Disposal of Garbage

14. Trash is removed from the rubbish bin and then a fresh liner is correctly installed into the clean receptacle.
15. Trash and debris have been removed from the restroom and is subsequently disposed of appropriately.

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