Boost Your Janitorial Business With These High Demand Cleaning Services

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Boost Your Janitorial Business With These High Demand Cleaning Services

The commercial contract cleaning industry is worth $117 billion in the United States. This huge industry consists of a plethora of cleaning services that are suited for a variety of residences and commercial businesses.

At Clean Calculator, we explore some of the different types of cleaning services that are most in-demand:

Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic cleaning is a popular service hired by homeowners to clean their homes every week or fortnight. This involves dusting all the items in the house, vacuuming and mopping the floors, and cleaning the bathrooms.

Some other things involved in domestic cleaning include cleaning the drapes, windows, and doors and decluttering homes. Some people also employ cleaning services for housekeeping chores like doing laundry and washing dishes.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is done for businesses and commercial properties and is often done daily, particularly in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The aspects of commercial cleaning services include careful dusting and wipe down of employees’ workstations, floor cleaning, as well as thorough cleaning of ancillary areas like the kitchen, lunchroom, and bathrooms.

In the hospitality business, commercial cleaning involves mopping floors, cleaning public areas, steam and stone cleaning for kitchen areas, and changing the bedsheets.

Commercial cleaning is also required in the retail, manufacturing, and industrial sectors and places like hospitals, medical practice venue, salons, spas, and schools.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning specializes in more specific window cleaning other than a quick wipe of the window sill and glass. The main focus is on the outside facets of the windows, which are more difficult to access, particularly in high-rise commercial buildings.

This type of cleaning requires a lot of care to get safe access and it is imperative that the right areas are explained and how the crew can navigate it easily and safely.

Window cleaners also require the right type of insurance coverage and risk assessment procedures, as well as a license in many cases.

Thanks to improved technology, window cleaners can now use long pumps, pressure jets, and pumps to easily clean windows in a safe way.

Post-Construction Cleaning

This type of service is required after your house or business has undertaken a repair, renovation, or remodeling project and would require cleaning after it.

One of the biggest problems of undertaking such a project is dust and ensuring it does not spread to the rest of the building or property. A post-construction cleaning service operates to minimize disruption, keep the dust down in public areas, and carry out cleaning to units like cladding, signage, escalators, and elevators.

Kitchen Cleaning

This is a deep and focused clean on the kitchen area that requires better hygiene for food preparation areas like the ovens, countertops, larders, and cupboards.

It also involves the cleaning and sterilization of major kitchen appliances like microwaves, fridges, freezers and coffee machines. Kitchen cleaning can be done in home or small offices, as well as larger commercial businesses like restaurants and hotels.

Bathroom Cleaning

Like specific kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning services focuses on a higher level of hygiene for toilet areas, particularly in commercial properties. Not only does it involve deep cleaning of sinks and toilets but it requires more care to ensure bacteria and germs in the area are controlled and do not pass to other areas of the building.

Floor and Carpet Clean

Specific floor cleaning services are a more in-depth service that specializes in cleaning different sorts of flooring like laminate, hardwood, and stone. This type of cleaning involves specialized cleaning machinery and products and follows specific procedures.

Carpet cleaning also involves specialized cleaning since there are a high number of carpets found in residences and commercial buildings. Since carpets can easily hold dust and stains and cannot be cleaned by popping in a washing machine, specialized carpet cleaning can do the job for you using the right equipment and ensure your carpet looks fresh and new with its color restored.

Bottom Line

These are just a few of the various types of cleaning services that are required by homeowners and businesses. As you can see, these jobs are widely different from each other and require special equipment and procedures to get done. That means the cost of each service is different as well, so a business that provides several types of cleaning services may find it challenging to keep all their costs in order. That is where Clean Calculator comes in.

Clean Calculator is a cleaning management CRM that incorporates a bidding and estimation software for cleaning professionals that can help you make the correct estimation of your bidding. It also includes a scheduling tool with push notifications for reminders, a customer management tool to maintain positive customer relationships, and an invoice and accounting tool and employee management tool to make the job of cleaning companies easier.

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