It’s peak flu season so we thought it would be a good time to post the CDC’s – Centers for Disease Control

interview questions

Interview questions can prevent a lot of employee problems if you ask the right ones. The pre-hire interview process helps you qualify

retain employees

Maintaining a well-trained, capable staff is a crucial part of providing consistent, high-quality commercial cleaning services—yet many organizations struggle to retain employees.

grow your cleaning business

No matter what size your cleaning business is, you definitely want to grow your cleaning business into something bigger. Growing your cleaning

local search

When local customers search for products or services, they want to find businesses in their city or neighborhood. Make sure your business

remove gum from carpet, professional carpet cleaning

Want to get gum out of your customer’s carpet and make it look like the gum was never there? Here are a

renting a floor buffer

Do you know what to look for when renting a floor buffer? As a cleaning professional, you know how important it is

spring cleaning Photo by Murilo Folgosi from Pexels

The long winter is finally over.  It’s now time for the annual Spring Cleaning your house needs after a winter’s harsh weather. 

cleaning and sanitizing restrooms

As the owner of a Janitorial Company, cleaning and disinfecting restrooms properly is vital to the success of your operation. Like it