cleaning business

A cleaning business doesn’t require training or certifications. You don’t need specialized tools or equipment to carry out the services. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy. Much like any business, a cleaning service needs ample preparation before launching to avoid mistakes that will cost you money or your reputation.

how handle a negative review online promptly and professionally

As the owner of a cleaning business, word of mouth is one key part of your marketing strategy that you cannot afford

disinfecting schools

Keep Our Kids Safe & Healthy at School During COVID-19 As schools across the country reopen for in person learning, janitorial staff

retain employees

COVID-19 represents a huge opportunity to gain new clients looking to disinfect, sanitize, and clean workspaces, homes, and public areas. Find out how you can capitalize on the boom here.

disinfecting an area after covid

Workplace cleaning & disinfecting after someone in the facility is sick. CDC Guidelines. Clean Calculator

It’s peak flu season so we thought it would be a good time to post the CDC’s – Centers for Disease Control

interview questions

Interview questions can prevent a lot of employee problems if you ask the right ones. The pre-hire interview process helps you qualify

retain employees

Maintaining a well-trained, capable staff is a crucial part of providing consistent, high-quality commercial cleaning services—yet many organizations struggle to retain employees.

grow your cleaning business

No matter what size your cleaning business is, you definitely want to grow your cleaning business into something bigger. Growing your cleaning