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Add Pressure Washing Services, Increase Your Profits

Commercial, industrial, and residential cleaning businesses often use pressure washing as an additional service to make more money. With pressure or power washing as part of your regular service, you will increase what you can offer existing customers, expand your client base, and greatly increase your profits. The return on investment for including pressure washing can be realized within a few months, while the long-term growth potential is tremendous.


Increase Your ROI


Companies that have added power washing to their range of services typically report significant growth. These businesses are finding that pressure washing can bring in as much money in one month as some of their annual contracts provide from their core services.

Pressure washing takes a little more than just buying a pressure washer and spraying down a person’s driveway or siding. There are all kinds of things you’ll need to learn about pressure washing before you start. For example, you will need to know how to properly use the pressure washer without damaging the property and how to clean delicate or hard-to-reach areas.


Expand your Business


Expansion into the power washing business is much easier than you might think.  Your primary accounts provide a built-in clientele who will gladly request this service once they know it is available. From cleaning gutters and parking lots to graffiti removal and duct cleaning, nearly all of your customers can benefit from a good pressure wash.


Offer Specialized Pressure Wash Services

Although offering generalized pressure wash services is an okay option, it may be in the better to specialize in an underserved market. Some of the areas of specialization in this industry include; general maintenance, construction clean-up, carpet care, window washing, storefront cleaning, aerospace cleaning, fleet washing, graffiti removal, kitchen exhaust, wood restoration, automobile detailing, commercial awnings, gutters, driveways, entrance ways, and concrete cleaning. Any small-scale cleaning company can offer one or two of these services with great success.


Final Tips

Don’t perform pressure washing jobs you are unfamiliar with, especially if the job includes delicate materials. Pressure washers can permanently damage some materials if used improperly and you will be held liable for the damages.

In addition to damage to property, it is vital understand how a pressure washers can injure the operator. Pressure washers and some chemicals can cause injury and illness if used improperly.


There are tons of resources on the web to help you get started.  Here are a
few of the sites with free information:


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