Our mission is about providing the Cleaners in our industry with an affordable, user-friendly system. A system that actually helps you grow your business and make more money.


The owners of Clean Calculator have a personal stake in providing an accurate, all-in-one cleaning management system to their clients. Their interest in building the best Cleaning Software comes from their experiences with bidding, cleaning and managing a thriving Commercial and House Cleaning service.  Their aim is to help those in the cleaning industry, whether they are Owner/Operators, Office Managers or Single Cleaners achieve the same levels of success they saw while using Clean Calculator.


They understand that cleaners and owners alike need Clean Calculator to manage and grow their business. That is why they stand by their solution with a guarantee that users will make more money using Clean Calculator than their current solution.

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Clean Calculator was founded in 2017 by industry experts with many years of experience. The founders are still owners of a Regional Cleaning company that does both commercial and residential service.


After searching for cleaning software and bidding tools from dozens of providers, the founders decided to build their own solution. The system was an instant game changer for their business. The value of the software was so profound that the founders knew they needed to make Clean Calculator available to the public. With improved accuracy in bidding on cleaning jobs, they saw a dramatic increase in revenue as they won more opportunities.


They knew most companies in this industry are local cleaners with little money to spend on expensive software systems so they decided to release the platform for the most affordable price in the market.