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5 Things You Should Know about Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is a phrase you’ve likely heard more often over the years. While the term clearly suggests using environmentally-friendly products over conventional cleaning solutions, what does this trend mean for janitorial services?


The idea that cleaning companies should be mindful of their environmental impact is not a new one, but it hasn’t yet been fully implemented in the janitorial industry. The prevalence of green cleaning is growing significantly; this is not a temporary trend in the janitorial market, but a way for cleaning businesses to improve and innovate their service offerings.


What do you need to know about green cleaning in the market today? Here are 5 fast facts about eco-friendly cleaning practices:


Green cleaning products are typically lower in cost than their conventional alternatives.


green cleaning products

Green cleaners, contrary to common misconception, cost less than conventional cleaners over time. This is mainly because green cleaning products are potent and condensed, allowing you to use less product while achieving the same result.

Research has proven that companies who implement green cleaning products experience less employee illness and injury.


Conventional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals that may result in irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose. Harsh chemical cleaners can also trigger headaches. The health of janitors and other employees who are in frequent contact with cleaning products is at risk if harsh chemicals are present in the products.


The desire among consumers for environmentally-friendly cleaning products and services is rising quickly.

There is more information available to consumers than ever about conventional chemicals and the harm they may cause, both to the environment and people’s health. As such, more and more consumers are seeking cleaning businesses that offer green products and services. Cleaning companies will need to implement green cleaning solutions to keep up with consumer demand.

The shift toward green cleaning is happening in both the commercial and residential cleaning markets.


With the EPA’s emphasis on cleaning chemical safety in schools and other public areas, cleaning companies face a demand for green cleaning services with both individual consumers and commercial entities. The market shift toward green cleaning isn’t expected to change anytime soon. In fact, the cleaning industry is expected to implement environmentally-friendly products and services on a larger scale over time.

The EPA Safer Choice standard identifies “green” products


We still have a way to go as far as regulating green cleaning products. However, the EPA does have a consistent standard, Safer Choice. This standard identifies cleaning products that are reliably “green” based on several factors including biodegradability and identified carcinogens.

In the professional cleaning industry, we’re seeing ever-advancing technology, progressive software for cleaning companies, home cleaning apps, and more. The innovation seen in this market doesn’t stop at technology; the move toward healthy cleaning practices is spreading fast. Cleaning businesses can better serve today’s consumers by offering green products and services. By doing so, companies will also see improvement in employee health and cost efficiency. Times are changing, and janitorial businesses need to seriously consider green cleaning to keep up.

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